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Christina's ambition to bring the benefits of music and meditation together to a new audience led her to create the meditation and lying down concert experience known as 'Lie down and Listen' It has been hugely popular with yogi's, creatives, artists and people who need some deep clam and space for deep listening in their lives.

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“Yoga and meditation has been life changing for me, it has helped me cope with the mental pressures of being a musician and build a strong community of like minded people. Through yoga I’ve learnt how to deepen my sense of connection - the very word ‘yoga’ means union of mind and body. In performance, when I am focused and connected my audience respond to this and so I feel a responsibility to lead and inspire like a great yoga teacher would.”  


Christina McMaster


“A soul reviving concert. It felt like a gateway into a better world”

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This adapted version of Lie down and Listen which works much better in concert halls with seats.


This concert opens with a guided seated meditation session to help audience tune into the music to follow which reflects a meditative like experience in three parts. 


The atmosphere is very special and a real sense of deep listening. The programme of music creates a meditative like experience [progressing through three parts;


Ritual - Seek within - Transcend.


Here’s a short video from a live performance at Kings Place, London

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