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Ludwig van Beethoven    Piano Concerto no.2 in Bb major

Johannes Brahms   Piano Concerto in d minor op.15

Benjamin Britten   Piano Concerto op.13

Frederic Chopin   Piano Concerto no. 2 in F minor

George Gershwin  Rhapsody in Blue

Amadeus Mozart  Piano Concerto in A major K488

Sergei Prokofiev   Piano Concerto no.1 in Db Major op.10

Sergei Prokofiev  Piano Concerto no.3 in C major

Maurice Ravel Piano Concerto in G major M.83

Robert Schumann Piano Concerto in a minor op.54

Dmitri Shostakovich Piano Concerto no.2 in F major

 Christina loves creating fascinating programmes combining repertoire in a way which keeps the audience and her excited and listening to music in new ways. Below are several programmes she is currently performing.  

Scarlatti, Rachmaninov & Debussy 

Domenico Scarlatti Sonata in F major K445

Domenico Scarlatti Sonata in C major K159

Domenic Scarlatti Sonata in Gmajor K427


Domenico Scarlatti Sonata in d minor K 18

Rachmaninov Étude tableaux D minor op.39 no.8   

Rachmaninov Étude tableaux d minor op.33 no.5 


Erik Satie Ogives no.4

Rachmaninov Étude tableaux op.39 no.6 


Claude Debussy Etude Cinq Doigts 

Claude Debussy Étude pour les Octaves

Claude Debussy Étude Pour les huit doigts 

Claude Debussy/Phillip Glass



Fellow Frenchman Erik Satie clearly influenced Debussy in these two books of Etudes written towards the end of his life. The music is virtuosic and innovative and plenty of humour and fantasy. These works are Interluded with Philip Glass's creative and rhythmically exciting etudes.


Claude Debussy Etudes Book 1 

Phillip Glass Etude no. 2 Étude No. 9


Phillip Glass Etude no. 20

Claude Debussy Etudes Book 2

Schumann /Pärt

Schumann music is truly imaginative and intuitive, sometimes awkward, often passionate  and always compelling. He wrote these two works when he was in love and the waves of energy and excitement are infectious. These work well in contrast with the spirituality and reflection in Arvo Pärt and Bach pieces.


Arvo Pärt Fur Alina

Arvo PärtMusik für kindertheatre; Schmetterlinge (Butterflies) Tanz der Entenküken  (Dance of the ducklings) 

Robert Schumann Carnaval op. 9      



J.S Bach Prelude und Fugue in g minor              

Robert Schumann Symphonic Etudes op. 13          

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