Sound Mind is the brain child of “one to watch” pianist Christina McMaster combining music, visuals and Virtual Reality. On 21st September ‘Sound Mind’ will launch an innovative 'slow down’ experience transcending reality using classical music, restorative yoga and VR. Performed by “force of nature” pianist Christina McMaster and chamber choir, the evening is guided by leading London yoga teacher & Lululemon Ambassador Will Wheeler, Inviting you into a safe space to explore the synergetic realms of vibrations and movement.



“I felt the music move through me” 

Joe Barnaby - Sound Mind attendee.


Created to restore, move and enlighten guests, 'Sound Mind’ has been developed over the past year and has been scientifically proven by researchers at Kings College London to enhance personal well being and creativity.


Support creativity and well being in associations with other brands supporting this project including Lululemon and Mother of Pearl. Place your brands logo and acknowledgement of support in the marketing for this event. It will also be mentioned in press.

In order to get Sound Mind started, grow classic music audiences and be able to create a positive impact on as many people’s well-being as possible through music. Sound Mind needs your help in covering cover initial start-up costs.

Total amount needed for Sound Mind and it’s September 2018 launch including musicians, basic marketing, PR, venue hire and VR development: £3.5K. 


If you or your company is interested in supporting the Sound Mind start up costs or sponsoring the event and featuring in marketing materials alongside these brands, please do get in touch. Any support is very gratefully received! Thank you.


Support Sound Mind 

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Mental Health Charities 

Through this project I aim to bring awareness to mental health, raising money and profiles of charities doing vital work in this field including Help Musicians UK - a charity that has produced a vital and thorough report on musicians’ mental health needs and has recently funded a pioneering 24hr helpline to help musicians with mental health concerns.

Future for Sound Mind

in unique spaces around the UK.


in schools and corporate environments and other places that would benefit from Sound Mind.


as an enabler to create awareness of mental health Charities, such as Help Musicians UK


In collaboration with other visual artists, musicians and scientists.

Sound Mind Experience 

Sound Mind gives life to a new era of contemporary, immersive concerts in unusual spaces and exciting new formats. Such as Max Richter’s Sleep concert, and the Science Museum and Natural History Museum’s overnight experiences. The three previous sound Mind concerts at KCL have been very popular and sold out.