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My story!

Me with my Royal Academy of Music Associate certificate 2017!
Hello, I'm Christina!


This page tells you what got me started playing piano and why I can't stop playing now! You can read my professional biography by clicking here, or read more about my personal journey below... or both!


My relationship with piano and music began after pleading with my Mum to have piano lessons like my two older sisters. After trying to hold me off for a while, my Mum finally took me to piano lessons - it felt very natural to me and I loved it! 


My other passion when I was just a little girl was gymnastics - looking back - the physical strength built during training has helped me in building power and stamina at the piano as well as discipline. 


I then went to a specialist music school and music college in London, (The Purcell School, TrinityLaban and the Royal Academy of Music) Here I worked very hard at getting better at the piano and of course still do! In fact the learning never stops and there is such a large amount of music written for piano that there is always more repertoire to be learnt, and more ways to convey my musical voice. 


Music, whether it has been written 200yrs ago or 10 days ago can be relevant to us all right now. Truly good music captures and stirs emotional depths we sometimes don't feel until we have time and space to engage, for example at a live concert. If someone in the audience has been emotionally transported in my concert then I feel I have done my job and already got the best review I could wish for. 


If you attend one of my live performances I hope you'll see that this communication is important to me.  I'll always make introductions or tell a story about the music, I think this is really essential to help understand the music ... also, for me it would be weird not to say hello as we'll be sharing a space for 90mins! 


I feel very lucky to meet and work with so many great musicians and commission composers. As well as musicians I have worked with visual artists, actors, rappers, fashion designers, scientists and in Virtual Reality 360. I love the flexibility of my career and excited to see what other opportunities arise like these. 


I hope you enjoy watching my videos and look forward to seeing you at a concert soon!  


Christina xx 


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